• OK Alright

    OK Alright

    This was the first record we put out in 2005. Slovenly Recordings did it. The songs […]

  • A — Z Individual Prints

    A — Z Individual Prints

    More about Manchester and Salford’s modernist buildings. These were done to duplicate the original delicate pencil […]

  • Modernist Prints

    Modernist Prints

    These prints of the drawings for The Modernist magazine were done in the same transfer style […]

  • Dog Shirt

    Dog Shirt

    Following the huge success of the Dog Beach T-shirt I plan on making this one for […]

  • Sounds We Found

    Sounds We Found

    Here’s a cassette-only release of my long-standing garage punk band The Hipshakes’ second LP. James Hines […]

  • Edge Hill: An Unfolding History

    Edge Hill: An Unfolding History

    I worked with the rest of the UHC design team on this project for Metal at […]

  • Unit X

    Unit X

    Along with others at UHC and Textbook Studio, I delivered part of Manchester School of Art’s […]

  • Liars Beware Tape

    Liars Beware Tape

    My good friend Dafydd (star of the sleeve) asked me to do all the design for […]

  • Fourth Floor

    Fourth Floor

    The Manchester Municipal Design Corporation were invited by Ultimate Holding Company in late 2009 to renovate […]

  • Warm Room

    Warm Room

    I supervised construction and co-designed this warm room with Textbook Studio. Made from entirely reused and […]

  • Shrieking Violet Article

    Shrieking Violet Article

    A rant about students and bus companies done for Natalie Bradbury’s great Shrieking Violet fanzine. I […]

  • Film Night

    Film Night

    A selection of film night posters done for Fourth Floor Films. The first year’s posters are […]

  • Copy Cat

    Copy Cat

    An illustration I did about ideas. It’s easy to get defensive about things if you find […]

  • Common Cause

    Common Cause

    Here’s a publication I worked on with Des, Dom and Jimmy at UHC for the Public […]

  • Modern A—Z Poster

    Modern A—Z Poster

    Large format poster laid out by Dominic Latham and screenprinted by Savwo presenting the 26 technical […]

  • Dog Beach

    Dog Beach

    T-Shirt I drew after the star of the shirt, a friend of mine, told me about his unexpected visit to a dog beach.

  • Crawling Age

    Crawling Age

    CDR sleeve produced by Matthew Jones using a 1930s drawing by Rex Russell and my own Crawling Age logo.

  • Kicking Against The Pricks

    Kicking Against The Pricks

    I often write reviews, features and interviews for Kicking Against The Pricks. Dan Dylan Wray of […]

  • The Modernist Issue Three

    The Modernist Issue Three

    An article on Liverpool and regeneration for issue three of The Modernist. Des Behari designed it […]

  • The Modernist Issue Two

    The Modernist Issue Two

    Illustrations for An Arndale For Living in issue two of The Modernist. Eddy Rhead wrote it. […]

  • Air Pollution

    Air Pollution

    I produced the map for this Green Party brochure. Dom and Des and possibly Jimmy did […]

  • Somali Wild Ass

    Somali Wild Ass

    This is a drawing I did for an exhibition called Horse. I’d been to a safari […]

  • Contemporary Cartography //01

    Contemporary Cartography //01

    A guide to the cultural ecology of Manchester and Salford by MMDC and Laura Mansfield. You […]

  • Modern A—Z

    Modern A—Z

    A pocket publication guide to the modern gems of Manchester and Salford in alphabetical order. It […]

  • Things Happen Issue Three

    Things Happen Issue Three

    The third publication by MMDC and friends. Dave Haslam got some £ to print this one […]

  • Things Happen Issue Two

    Things Happen Issue Two

    This is the second instalment of MMDC’s fanzine. The one was funded by the School Of […]

  • Things Happen Issue One

    Things Happen Issue One

    This is the first fanzine I produced with MMDC in 2010